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COATS BEAD LIFTING BARDON'T BUY THE KNOCKOFF BRAND, BUY THE ULTIMATE BRAND MADE IN THE US 20" Tire Iron Pry Bar Tire Heavy Duty Tire Changer Tool Mount/ Demount Bar -Bead lifting Tool Fits: Almost ALL Rim Clamp Tire Changers BUY NOW FOR $37.50 --FREE SHIPPING-- Shipping Cost for this item is to most locations in the Continental USA ONLY Certain remote areas in the US and foreign locations outside ...  More
Coats RC100 tire changer barely used


I bought this tire changer in the mid-2000s when I had a powder-coating operation. The plan was to use it to dismount tires to powdercoat wheels of course. But a few kids later and I had no time to run this operation, so I sold everything... except this tire changer. I would occasionally use it to change tires on my race bikes. But alas, those are gone now as well. As you can see, it was barely us ...  More