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Ford Camshaft Sensor Syncro Alignment Tool OC 6474 Authorized Distributor


Search Tradervar Factory Authorized Distributor Ford Camshaft Sensor Syncro Alignment ToolOTC6474 Cam positioning is a critical procedure on todays computer-controlled vehicles.A camshaft can be timed in error, but the motor will still run. The ECMcompensates for the error, but performance and mileage will be affected, and thevehicles check engine light may come on at some point. NOTE: Some applic ...  More
OTC 5029 Truck Clutch Alignment Shaft 2” OD 1-1/4 Pilot Authorized Distributor


Search Tradervar Factory Authorized Distributor Truck Clutch Alignment ShaftOTC5029 Heavy duty clutch component installation is easier than ever with this tool. Insertthe tool into the flywheel pilot bearing. Slide discs, center plate, & clutch coverover spline to position them prior to bolt up. Features & Functions 2 inches outer diameter 1-1/4 inch pilot Similar to Ford 308-D011 (D93T-7550-B ...  More


Kent-Moore ToolsKent-Moore J-35822 CLUTCH ALIGNMENT ARBOR
Ford/Mazda Non-turbo 2.3l engine Camshaft Alignment Bar Ford 303-465 OTC-6474


2pc. Mazda/Ford Timing set for the 2.3L Naturally Aspirated engines found in both Ford and Mazda vehicles. Applications: Engine 2.0L : Transit Connect : 2010 - 2011Engine 2.0L Zetec : Escape : 2004 Engine 2.0L Zetec : Focus : 2004 Engine 2.0L : Focus : 2005 - 2011Engine 2.3L : Focus : 2004 - 2007 Engine 2.3L : Mariner : 2005 - 2008Engine 2.3L : Escape : 2005 - 2011Engine 2.3L : Ranger : 2004 - 200 ...  More


Description | Payment | Shipping/Handling | Policy | Return Policy | Contact Us BMW DIESEL ENGINE CAMSHAFT ALIGNMENT TOOL (M47) Special design for correcting timing to be made when servicing BMW M47 2.0 16v engines. Camshaft setting and flywheel locking tools to cover the latest rang of BMW 2.0 and 3.0 litre common rail diesel engines used in BMW and other manufacture's models. Applications: B ...  More
Mini Cooper N12/N14 Engine Camshaft Alignment Timing Kit


Mini Cooper N12/N14 Engine Camshaft Alignment Timing Kit ( brand New ) Item Number : 4915 Description Master tool kit for setting camshaft timing on the N12, N14 (1.4/1.6/16V) Mini Cooper engine (2007-2010). Kit (B119550PLUS) includes: 119590, 119540 intake and exhaust, 119340, 119551, 119552. Suitable for the following Mini models: One, HB Cooper, Cooper, Cooper S, series R55-56 with N12, N14 eng ...  More


BMW CAMSHAFT ALIGNMENT TOOL ( brand New ) Item Number : 4619AB Description Comprehensive tool kit for locking camshaft in TDC position when checking/adjusting camshaft timing, replacing inlet camshaft or timing chain on BMW N51, N52, N53, N54. Included: #110300 T.D.C. Pin, #114280 Camshaft Alignment Jig, #114290 Setting Gauge, #118520 Setting Gauge. Covers 2006 and Newer 1, 3 and 5 Series Models, ...  More
Audi AVK A4, A6, V6 3.0L Camshaft Alignment Timing Holder Locking Kit


VW AUDI Camshaft Alignment Tool with Locking Pin Set ( brand New ) Item Number : 4652,1518. Description A specially designed tool to align and hold the camshaft. Used to lock and hold camshafts when adjusting the left and right camshafts. Applicable: VW polo Diesel, AUDI 100 since 1991, A6 with engine Z15L TDI, AUDI 3.0L V6 Engines AVK -A4, A6 2000-2004 Special designed for fixing the crankshaft a ...  More
BMW Camshaft Alignment Locking Cam Timing Holding Tool set


Mercedes Benz Camshaft Alignment Timing Locking Tool